All good, no spew worthy foods.

All good, no spew worthy foods.

Session 2 in Gastric Bypass land gave me a bad taste, but it was supposed to in some part.

I love toasted cheese and salami sandwiches, lollies and pastries. Without these, I have a great diet, with them, I have an ok diet. 🙂

One part of the session had me imagining that body fat was dripping off my body into a bucket. Then I had to identify the texture of the fat and the smell. Then, wait for it, I had to dip my toasted sandwich in the fat and eat it. OMG – how gross is that! I was so disgusted, just the thought of it makes me sick. But that’s the point. 🙂

So no more for me. I will eat what I have in the fridge and cherish my tea evenings, but no more of that stuff…

I can’t say much more – the stuff that makes me fat grosses me out.

Thank god. I will now go chew on a radish!


Post Hiatus..

I’m back. It’s been a while… Gastric Bypass surgery. I still freak out a little as I write it. Gastric Bypass surgery. It just sounds so extreme.

It’s is a weight loss method we’ve all heard of. I first heard about it at length about 8 years ago in Minneapolis. My ex’s workplace was offering the surgery to staff members as a part of their medical benefits. People were signing up to it in droves.

I thought it was somewhat of a fad at the time, and quite extreme. Having been overweight most of my life, I knew that despite its physical manifestation, weight loss and weight issues were all about mental resistance and discipline.

Most of you know that I’ve been losing weight over the last 2 years. I’ve lost well over 20kg with a combination of food management, deep water running and 20 minute sprints three times a week. It has taken a long time, but it’s stayed off and it’s been healthy.

Thing is, I have another 15-20 kgs to lose, and it’s a struggle. I’ve been half way a while now, and need a helping hand. I discovered that a psychologist I’ve known for a few years, recently started offering Gastric Bypass surgery via hypnosis.

I thought it sounded crazy, but I did a lot of research. It have an incredibly high success rate, over 90% from what I’ve read, and really when I weighed it up, and couldn’t think of why not to do it. I never would have had the physical surgery. I would do anything to avoid surgery and again, that was addressing the physical issues, not the mental, so it was never an option for me.

So, yesterday I saw Yvette Rae at Psychology Plus.


I went in, talked about how much weight I wanted to lose and why. We talked about what I wanted to wear; specifically one outfit I would wear if I could. I said I wanted to wear a sexy red dress, and swan into a room with my red dress and matching lipstick and feel great. The truth is, I already own several red dresses and many lipsticks, but having a healthy figure and wearing a dress that hugs my curves instead of hides them sounds pretty good to me.

Then the hypnosis started; then stopped. I walked out of there and felt relaxed. I went to eat dinner that night and didn’t eat that much. Then yesterday, I ate half a sandwich, half a mini burrito and what must have been just a handful of chicken and vegetable stir-fry. And I drank half a litre of water. Most days I drink no water, so that was big for me.

The whole day I felt like I had eaten a three course meal. Seriously. I just couldn’t even think of eating.
So that is a good start.

And here are the specifics:

• Duration – 4 sessions – 3 of them weekly, and then the last session happens 2-3 weeks later.

• Cost – Each session is $180, but if you can get a mental health plan from the doctor, it’s about half of that Medicare reimburses you for. This is only because Yvette practices clinical hypnosis, as a psychologist. Most Gastric Bypass hypnotherapy providers that are not psychologists. That means you have to pay the $180 regardless.

• You have to listen to a hypnosis cd for 28 days in a row.

• You have to buy a dress or another item immediately and hang it somewhere you will see it every day.

So I went to Myer and bought a size 14 red dress and felt weird. But excited at the same time.

I will keep you posted!



Slowing Down..

After my quick successes over the last few weeks, the weight loss has slowed a little. It makes sense that you can’t continue to lose weight the whole way through – some weeks you lose nothing, others a half kilo here and there. And I know I’m increasing muscle tone… It’s just that when you kill yourself at the gym, you expect to keep seeing results. For me, the crazed constant weigh-on girl, I look to the scales, even though there are so many other indicators of change… And here they are. Some of the things I expected, and some of the things that have come to surprise me. Perhaps some of the things that people may be embarassed to report, but for me, I want to remember.. Here’s what I’ve noticed so far.


The biggest change  (In terms of visible physical changes for myself)

My butt has holes in it…My tummy has holes in it. I never thought of what happens when you lose the weight. How does it come off? For me, it’s this dimpling of fat in my stomach and butt. I thought it was cellulite, but it’s not. It’s the fat leaving me, so as unsightly as it seems right now, that’s the point right. Whatever it takes, fat be gone!


The biggest change (that Nick has noticed)

When Nick puts his hand on my butt, it now covers a whole butt cheek – seriously, it didn’t before.


Other changes

It’s much easier to put socks, pants or anything on – I feel so much lighter that it’s zero effort. It used to be an effort.

When I’m working out, between circuits, I’m able to pick myself off the floor a lot easier between moves. I’m not crawling and forcing my body up for the next set. It’s just more fluid now.

And importantly for me, I can regulate my breathing during high impact exercise. So I’m not hyperventilating so much on a 2 k row or the cross trainer at peak intervals – I’m training myself to regulate my breathing. Very difficult to do, but one of the biggest things I have accomplished.

I can see my face shape – who knows, maybe I can get a bob!

I can feel my legs power through on jogs – even when I’ve got nothing left in the tank, my legs will pull me through.

And I’m not even halfway there, but this is exciting, life changing stuff. Thank god my friend Sarah recommended a great trainer – he’s seriously awesome. I’ll post details on Facebook. As a marketer, I don’t do free promotion, but credit where it is due!

And now Nick is working out too… It is contagious, and in a good way. 🙂

That’s it for now!


Keeping On..

I’ve had a lazy few weeks in the blogging department.  I was away with Nick in NSW, but now I’m back. One area I wasn’t lazy in was with my exercise, in fact the last few weeks, I’ve noticed a measured improvement in my cardio and strength.

It’s always a test when you go away, out of your comfort zone – your eating and exercise regime can lack routine and you get concerned about what will happen when away. I admit I was a little concerned, but I decided to commit to exercise and took my workout clothes and didn’t look back. I jogged twice and walked a lot. I ate freely, but not with complete abandon, conscious of maintaining some sort of balance.  I got back to Melbourne and jumped on the scales – I had lost a kg. They always talk about consistency with exercise, and it’s true. It’s not the b’day blowout or the night out that prevents the weight loss – it’s not having that ‘get up and get going’ attitude.

So now I’m back – 11kgs in 9 weeks and I feel good. I’m 13 kgs away from a meaningful goal, and I’ll probably lose some weight after that, but 13 kg is achievable. By March, I am hoping to reach this goal.

I’ve had some great wins I’d like to mention. Firstly, I can now jog for 20mins without a break.. It is difficult and painful afterward, but I can do it. And it is one of the most freeing things I have ever done. I am also tracking the following improvements:


Slams: 20 kg medicine ball (started at 6)

Cross Trainer: 6 mins at level 11 (started 2 mins at level 4)

Rowing:  9.32 m for 2k sprint (started at 11.26 m)

Jogging:  20 mins (current)


I jog for 20 mins, 3 times a week and train with James 3 times a week, really focussing on the weight training. 6 days a week is a real commitment, but that’s what it takes.


See you soon!


The Moves… and the Measurements!

It’s been 5 weeks today since I started my weight loss journey – I’m at 6.5 kgs of weight loss and feel great. The visible changes have really come across in the last week or two – I can wear a skirt I haven’t worn for 4 years, my winter jacket does up and is now loose on me – was quite tight before, and my two stomachs will soon say bye to each other. The line that has separated them for years in fading and probably has only about 10 cms left before it’s just one – For those that have never had this issue, I get that it sounds weird. For other friends, they will know exactly what I’m talking about!

I’ve stuck to the diet and it’s now just what I do. I can move easier, especially when I’m working out, and my trainer James moves me around in a circuit. I’m loving seeing my shape come back!

James really advocated the rower, and I am constantly on the rower. It’s a great all over conditioner, and I’m sure, one of the reasons I’ve had success. I’m also on the cross-trainer and spin bike. I do chin ups, leg presses, lots of squats, push ups and mix it up with all sorts of different activities. I train 3 times a week with James, and try to swim once, and do a walk/jog on another day.

I admit that I miss things – I miss having a piece of cake with a cup of tea in the evening. I miss eating skittles, eating pasta, cheese and croissants. And very occasionally, I do have these things, and I absolutely savour them. Because I can’t have them often, I appreciate them. Before I appreciated them a lot, but ate them very quickly, shoving the sugar down my gob quickly, without actually tasting it. Now, I take my time, and I’m always sorry that it’s ended, but I know next week, I may try something else.

I don’t have back pain anymore. I don’t snore anymore. I can stretch further and have even more energy. When I actually think about it, the changes have been a really small price to pay.

I’ve just come back from the gym, and I’m going to enjoy my cup of tea.



What Really Counts..

I know it’s the measurements that count, and not necessarily the weight itself, but today I found I didn’t lose anything, and I got a little down.  We carry our weight numbers around with us, and we have expectations of when it will come down – often, we want it to happen straight away! But then, I have to trust my body is doing what it’s doing for a reason. If I look in the mirror, I can see clear differences, small differences, but early changes, and those are the things to notice. I see bits starting to flatten out, the bulge is smoothing in certain sections and the fat doesn’t look so plump. Charming description I know, but it’s what I’ve noticed.

I want to add my measurements to the blog now. What I started with 4 weeks ago, and how it looks now:


Sept 5

Hips: 56.5 (inches)   143.5 (cms)

Thigh: 31.5 (inches)  80 (cms)

Arm: 17.5 (inches)   44.5 (cms)


Oct 3

Hips: 54 (inches)  137.2 (cms)

Thigh: 30.5 (inches)  77.5 (cms)

Arm: 16.5 (inches)  41.9 (cms)


I’m happy with the results, but of course, I want more. James says we’ll take what we can get, and he’s right. As long as you’re moving in the right direction, that’s the important thing.

I’m starting to embrace my curves and I can’t put a price on that. I don’t love them yet, but I can see them better, and am reminded that under that fat is a pretty good figure.

And so I’m soldiering on!


Location, Location!

I’ve become pretty good at preparing myself for what to eat at restaurants or cafes. Sometimes, Nick and I go in, and I can just have a tea now, even at the Pancake Parlour, which is a real feat.  I adore crepes, maple syrup and ice-cream. It seemed unfathomable that I could avoid such things, but I can. But the real challenge can be what happens when you go to a familiar place, where food is incidental to the activity that you’re focussed on.

For example, the other day, I went to hire a DVD.  I walked in, scoured the isles, picked a flick, and then walked past the chips, picked up a packet, some lollies and ice-cream. I got the counter, and only then did I realise what I did. I picked up each thing, and looked at the sugar and calorie count, and put it all back.

When you work out hard, you can’t justify all the calories. When I work out, I spend a few moments on the floor, absolutely spent after my workout – that pain of that workout weighed against the 5 seconds of salt or sweetness in my mouth makes me realise that it’s not worth it. Not if you actually think about it. But that’s the thing. You have to have that moment to consider what you are doing. If you allow impulse to control you, especially in the early stages, it will likely let you down.

You have to allow yourself the time to consider what you are want. Do I want to lose weight bad enough? For me, it comes down to keeping fat or getting rid of it.